Linkedin Specialist

Looking for a Linkedin Specialist? Check below ⬇️ to see what I can do for you.

About me

I am a Linkedin advertising specialist with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing. I have a passion ❤️ for Linkedin, Google Ads in combination with SEO and conversion optimization.

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My Services

The things I can help your business with as a Linkedin Expert 🚀.

In het kort wat ik voor jouw bedrijf kan betekenen


Making a long-term investment? With search engine optimization, I provide more organic traffic to your website.

Google Ads

Instant more sales? Then Adwords is your friend. I provide targeted, efficient and profitable campaigns.

Linkedin Advertising

Growing faster in a B2B market? Then a targeted campaign on LinkedIn is ideal for your business.

⚠️ By the way, I am also good at Tag Manager, Inbound Marketing and know a lot about conversion optimization. ❤️

The method that I use

Let’s get to know each other better through a virtual coffee date and discover if we can take on this challenge together.

Together we will discuss your company’s goals. What is your desired goal and what steps are required to get there? This results in a simple, yet clear goal that we can pursue together.

Once we know our goals for LinkedIn advertising, we can determine how to use this platform to promote the growth of your business. The final strategy is summarized on one page.

Once we know what strategy we are using, we can make a schedule for the first period. That way you know exactly when what will be implemented.

Is the planning clear? Then we get to work. Campaigns are set up, further research is conducted. We are really on our way now!

Does everything work? Then it’s time to optimize things. Each month, based on data, we look at where we can improve and where we need to accelerate.

What does a LinkedIn specialist actually do?

As a interim online marketer, I specialize in managing, optimizing and maximizing online advertising campaigns on platforms such as LinkedIn. My goal is to achieve the best results for my clients, both in terms of visibility and cost.

A comprehensive study of a LinkedIn campaign involves systematically analyzing and evaluating all relevant aspects of the campaign with the goal of understanding its effectiveness and recommending possible improvements. This research broadly involves the following steps:

  1. Objectives and targeting: Identify clear objectives for the campaign, such as increasing brand awareness, generating leads or driving sales. Also define the target audience you want to reach.
  2. Campaign structure and settings: Assess how the campaign is set up, including ad types, targeting options, budgets and scheduling.
  3. Creative elements: Analyze the ads, images, headlines and call-to-action elements to determine if they are engaging and relevant to the target audience.
  4. Performance data: Collect and evaluate data on campaign performance, such as click rates (CTR), cost per click (CPC), conversion rates and ROI. Compare these to the set goals.
  5. Competitor analysis: See how the campaign compares to competitors’ LinkedIn campaigns, including ad types, audiences and performance indicators.
  6. Demographic data and behavioral analysis: Examine the demographic data and behavior of the target audience to understand how they respond to the campaign.
  7. Schedule and frequency: Analyze the campaign’s schedule and frequency to determine if there are opportunities for optimization.
  8. Budget allocation: Assess how the budget is allocated among different ad units and whether there is room for reallocation to improve efficiency.
  9. A/B testing: Conduct A/B testing to determine which ad variants perform best and which elements may need to be adjusted.
  10. Report and recommendations: Compile a detailed report with the findings and recommendations for possible improvements. These recommendations may involve audience optimization, ad adjustments, budget adjustments or other strategic changes.

A thorough examination of a LinkedIn campaign allows me to understand what is and is not working and provides valuable insights to improve the effectiveness of future campaigns.

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