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Hi, I’m Oscar, a digital marketer specialising in digital strategy, Google Ads and SEO for (B2B) businesses.

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About me

I am an enthusiastic professional with +10 years of experience. I have a passion (❤️) for online marketing and a broad knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Advertising (SEA), inbound marketing and conversion optimisation.

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My Services

In brief, the things I can help your company with 🚀

In het kort wat ik voor jouw bedrijf kan betekenen


Making a long-term investment? With search engine optimisation, I ensure more organic traffic to your website.

Google Ads

Instant increased sales? Then Google Ads is your friend. I provide targeted, efficient and profitable campaigns.


Grow harder? Then search engine marketing is what you are looking for. A combination of SEO and Ads ensures fast growth.

Very Nice Brands

Some of the brands I have enjoyed working for now and in the past.

The Working method that I use

Ready to go? Off! Let’s get to know each other a little over a (digital) coffee and see if we fit together.

If the first meeting goes well, we start talking about goals. Where are you now with your business, how many visitors does your website have and where do you want to go? Once we know this, we can start drawing up a strategy.

With the objectives in mind, we define a strategy. On 1 page, it becomes clear what steps we will take to grow your business.

Knowing what strategy we are pursuing, we can plan for the first six months. Which issues have the most impact and which do we therefore tackle first?

Is the planning clear? Then we get to work. Keyword research is conducted, campaigns are set up and we will measure your website from head to toe so we know what effect my contribution is having.

Does everything stand? Then it’s time to optimise things. Each month, based on data, we look at where we can improve and where we need to accelerate.

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My blog

Every now and then I write a fun piece for the internet 🙂 . Read below my most recent creations (partly made possible by my co-writer ChatGPT, I can’t deny it).

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